Utopia Ltd

The Plot

On the Pacific Island of Utopia all is perfect .. except the system of government. They have tried various methods but have settled on being ruled by a despotic king, "Paramount the First". His powers are only tempered by the fact that all his moves are scrutinised by two Mafiosi Dons "The Wise Guys", Scaphio and Phantis. These two, can call upon the Chief Enforcer, "Tarara" to rub out the king if he puts a foot wrong. "Tarara" will then replace the king as his reward.

The Wise Guys, in fact, control the king and force him to write scurrilous articles against himself in the local edition of "Aloha" magazine .

The king has sent his lovely eldest daughter, "Zara", to England to be educated. She returns with a Cambridge degree and brings with her six representatives of everything that makes Britain Great. These "Flowers of Progress" will teach the Utopians their English ways and will improve the island.

Zara has fallen for her chief escort "FitzBattleaxe" and Paramount has fallen for the almost unattainable "Lady Sophy", the governess of his two younger daughters, 'Nekaya' and 'Kalyba' who have been brought up as prim and proper young ladies.

The "Flowers" are introduced to the populace and Act 1 ends in some excitement as Utopia is to be run as a Limited Company, a new idea in the South Seas (haven't they heard of the Bubble?)

Some time later (6 months)
Act 2 begins with the Utopians celebrating the new economy. Then FitzBattleaxe bemoans the fact that as a tenor with a dodgy throat he can't get it up any more.
The first board meeting of Utopia Ltd. begins and we hear of the wondrous changes that have been made.

A scene of solemn court ceremonial then occurs and the whole court sing the glorious Utopian anthem "Eagle High".
But wait, what of those two Mafiosi and their pawn, the enforcer. They are not happy, as the reforms have stifled their illicit dealings. They plot to overthrow the king.

Two of the "Flowers" enter with the two younger Princesses and proceed to point out that English girls are not quite as prim as they have been led to believe, the girls are quite pleased about that !!.

Paramount and Sophy get it together, then the islanders rush in for a confrontation. Everything is too perfect under this English system and therefore everything is wrong. Zara realises that they have forgotten that pillar of English rule, parliamentary democracy. When they introduce that, everything will go back to the chaotic state they had before .. bliss.

The opera ends with a song summarising the whole strange episode.

UPDATE: We won the Show Stopper award at the annual David Beach Awards for musical theatre, held at Taunton by the Somerset Fellowship of Drama. Judges gave the award for our unaccompanied rendition of Eagle High.

The Cast

Solo Parts Description 2014
King Paramount The First King of Utopia - Baritone Richard Gaunt
Scaphio Judges of the Utopian Court Mafia Dons - Tenor/Baritone Neil Edwards
Phantis Judges of the Utopian Court - Mafia Dons - Tenor/Baritone Stuart Waite
Tarara The Public Enforcer - Tenor/Baritone Anthony White
Calynx The Utopian Vice Chamberlain Oscar Shave
Lord Movieleigh Chairman of board of film censors - Tenor Lloyd Davies
Captain Fitzbattleaxe First Life Guards - High Tenor James Craw
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B. Baritone Chris Bailward
Mr Goldbury A Company promoter - Baritone Andrew Armstrong
Sir/Lady Bailey Barre, Q.C., M.P. Soprano/Tenor Sally McConnell
Mrs/Mrs Blushingotn Health and Safety Executive -Low Sop/High Baritone Scilla Copper
Princess Zara Eldest Daughter of King Paramount - flapper - Soprano Alison Stevens
Princess Nekaya Soprano Jessie Stones
Princess Kalaya Soprano Alison Ruddy
Lady Sophie The younger princesses English Gouvernante Sarah Bignell
Salata Utopian Maiden - Sing with Chorus Scilla Copper
Melene Utopian Maiden - Sinf with Chorus Kym White


Utopia Limited 2014

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The Music