The Arcadians

Milborne Port Opera

Our next show 15th-18th April 2020 - The Arcadians

MPO revives an almost-forgotten gem of the Edwardian Theatre! The Arcadians, with toe-tapping music by Monckton and Talbot, tells the tale of Jim Smith, an aviation pioneer who crashes his plane in Arcadia, "the Land that Time Forgot".  The residents live in simple bliss and are appalled when Jim describes modern life in London.  Transforming Jim to one of themselves, they send him back with two Arcadian women as ambassadors to convert the people of London to a life of truth and simplicity. But when they come up against race-going High Society, romantic chaos ensues, especially when the disguised Jim meets his own wife!

 If you would like to be involved do contact us via email or Facebook - rehearsals begin in September on Thursday evenings in Milborne Port School Hall 8pm.

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