Anything Goes

The Plot

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April 24- 27 (The week after Easter)

MPO shows generally play to full houses, so early booking is advised.

Step aboard the SS AMERICAN in the 1930s bound for England. Everyone is on board including Billy – who shouldn't be!

Unfortunately not as may celebrities are making the journey as usual – but Reno Sweeney, famed Evangelist turned nightclub singer is, with her four beautiful Angels. And the reason Billy stayed on board after dropping his
boss off? Hope – the girl he met and fell in love with the other evening. Unfortunately for Billy, Hope's
overbearing mother and her English fiancée Sir Evelyn Oakleigh are also on board.

How is Billy going to make Hope (and more to the point Hope's mother) see that he is the one she has to marry...
and how is he going to so it without being caught as a stowaway? You may well ask... but it has something to do
with two Chinese converts, the 13th most wanted man in America and a rice field!

Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER
Book by Guy Bolton, P. G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse
By arrangement with MusicScope & Stage Musicals Limited of New York
This is an amateur performace.


The Cast

Solo Parts Description 2019
Reno Sweeney A sexy and charismatic nightclub singer. Alto (G3 – Eb5).
Hope Harcourt Young wealthy and beautiful heiress. Soprano (A4 – Bb5).
Bonnie A moll, travelling with Moon. Mezzo-soprano A4-C#5
Mrs Wadsworth T. (Evangaline) Harcourt Hope’s widowed, overbearing mother.
Charity Reno's Angel
Purity Reno's Angel
Chastity Reno's Angel
Virtue Reno's Angel
Billy Crocker He is Elisha Whitney’s General Manager, loves Hope. TENOR
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Hope’s aristocratic English fiancé. Baritone (C3 – G4).
Moonface Martin Goofy gangster who is public enemy No 13. Baritone (Bb3 – Gb4)
Elisha J. Whitney A successful Ivy League Wall Street banker. Baritone (C3 – D4)
Captain in charge of the ship, the SS American. Baritone
Purser The officer on ship
Ching/Luke Chinese cousins, reformed gamblers and Christian Converts
Ling/John Chinese cousins, reformed gamblers and Christian Converts
Henry T Dobson Missionary bishop returning from China
Steward of the SS American
Reporter of the ‘Globe American’ newspaper
Cameraman of the ‘Globe American’ newspaper
Sailors Ships crew – some simple dancing required.


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